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Our mission is to help our customers overcome their addiction to drugs and cigarettes!

We care deeply about our customers, and we know that by following the steps of our program, each of them can overcome their addiction!

How It Works

You'll log on to the website every day for support, and you'll have access to all the online tools. You'll also learn new skills and strategies to help you with quitting drugs and cigarettes.

And you'll have opportunities to reach out to other people for support, as well as being reminded when it's time to see your doctor to more easily measure your progress.

You'll learn how addiction works, and you'll receive unique knowledge that gives you the power to overcome your addiction. And we'll also assist you to look into your life for some of the answers.

We cover triggers that lead you to do drugs and smoke, how to reverse the brain changes that have occured, and how to form new habits.

Our Guarantee

“As the Authors of this program, we have personally proven these techniques. We know that they worked for us and that they will work for you! In fact, we're so confident in our strategies, that if you're not satisfied with what you learn in the program, we'll give you a 100% refund!”

Creators of HST, Inc.

About The Company

We're a team of professionals, trained in the medical sciences and health care.

Together we have 20+ years of experience in our fields of expertise!

Founders: Dr. Taylor, M.D., Aaron Skinner, MHA, and Jim Frederick, J.D.

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  • 530 Tangerine Cove Dr, Vista, CA 92083
  • +1 (401) 584-4405
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